Chamber Master Template

Apartment Community Manager

Elevation Apartments
Job Description
Essential Job Functions:
• Regular and reliable attendance and punctuality at work.
• Responsible for all operations of the property, including general administration and maintenance of the overall physical condition.
• Trains and is responsible for work performed by all staff members under his/her direction, perform written evaluations of employees and make recommendations for salary increases and/or advancement. Submit payroll in a timely manner according to MEB Payroll practices.
• Maintains petty cash; keeping track of expenses and all receipts.
• Oversees completion of all daily, weekly and monthly reports, including morning reports, monthly apartment status, lease expiration report, market survey and month-end closeout.
• Completes monthly variance report and owner’s letter.
• Handles resident complaints and problems in a professional and courteous manner. Attempt to resolve any and all issues at the property level. Keep Asset Director informed of all issues involving the property.
• Reviews and approve Rental Applications and Rental Agreements. Sign all leases, addendums and related forms.
• Conducts move-in orientations. Introduce yourself to new residents.
• Develops marketing brochures and handbook. Review market survey and shop comparables regularly in order to keep yourself and the Asset Director aware of changes in the market and what other properties are doing.
• Oversees preparation and distribution of monthly newsletter.
• Oversees and approve all resident notices.
• Handles delinquent accounts.
• Supervises outside contractors working on site.
• Reports accidents and emergency situations to the corporate office immediately and prepare the proper reports.
• Continually inspects the property and improvements, recording any deficiencies and taking the necessary action to remedy.
• Establishes schedule and assign personnel for routine and emergency coverage.
• Ensures that all maintenance requests are handled in a timely manner, with emergencies being given top priority. Inform residents immediately of any work order delays due to part orders, etc.
• Supervises maintenance and office staff.
• Adheres to budget guidelines for purchasing of services or supplies for the property. Ensure that entire staff
is familiar with budget guidelines for spending, and that all team members are working together to cut costs
and stay within budget. Notify Asset Director of any possible budget variations.
• Administers written or verbal counseling as needed.
• Prepares budget annually as directed by Asset Director.
• Supervises all details of move-ins and move-outs, specifically concentrating on preparation of paperwork and
make-ready condition of units.
• Supervises building maintenance by coordination with maintenance personnel. Check preventive
maintenance program on a regular basis.
• Solicits and oversee bids for contract services, and submit bids to Asset Director for review prior to execution
of contract.
• Accepts other duties and responsibilities as assigned by Asset Director from time to time.
• Be aware of and operate within OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Act) standards and company safety
policies at all times.
• Responsible for thorough knowledge and adherence of the Company’s Policies and Procedures.
• Responsible for maintaining the required property dress code and ensuring a professional appearance and
attitude at all times.
• Responsible for maintaining Grace Hill /Vision training as required.
• Other duties as requested or required.
Contact Information

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