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Wrangler - Horseback Trail Guide

AZ High Mountain Trail Rides
Job Description
Experienced Wrangler for Guided Trail Rides. A wrangler provides the best possible experience for their guests by maintaining healthy horses, a safe riding environment thorough communication and instruction, and a fun riding environment by appearing relaxed while remaining attentive.

Work in the cooler weather while riding through the forest. Below is what we are looking for. Please send your resume with references.

About the job:
• Customer Service Oriented (must be able to communicate with riders to get signed in, loaded onto horse, provide western style neck rein control, chat with guest during the ride and provide corrections as needed for guests to ride safely, unloading guests at office, collecting payment as needed and keeping office area tidy and helmets wiped down after each ride).
• Positive, fun attitude while maintaining a professional manner required.
• Hard-working with passion to work with horses (requires working with and around different sized horses, throwing saddles and hay, tacking up horses for guided rides, and picking up manure).
• Actual Horse Experience – must have several years’ experience preferred in guided horseback tours or similar ranch work. You will have to interview showing skills so be honest about your ability.
• Position is a seasonal position (usually May through September) but may have a little earlier start date or a little longer end date.
• Please note schedule will be based on business demands which may shift days needed to work - Flexibility in work schedule is key
• No housing provided

What the ideal candidate should know about Responsibilities and Requirements (Not limited to):

• Daily horse care, saddling and tack maintenance
• Greeting guests and participating in guided trail rides
• Visiting/mingling with guests before and after ride as time permits
• Basic ranch maintenance (minor fence work, grounds keeping, ensuring a tidy appearance)
• Moderate riding skills
• Valid driver’s license and transportation
• Must be at least 18 years of age due to insurance requirements
• Satisfactory background check
• Professional and personal references
• Cellular phone (Verizon Service only works here) to operate booking software and collect payments
• Flexible schedule and availability (including Holidays and weekends a must)
• You will be working with other Wranglers doing the same work as you and must work together to accomplish all the work to care for horses and complete rides in safe manner. You must be a team player type, or you will not be happy.
• You should have basic first aid and CPR training with current card.
• Must be able to speak English and communicate clearly.
• Customer service is priority as we depend on word of mouth, social media and repeat business.
• Must have self-management and organizational skills.
• Ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously while remaining calm during hectic situations and dealing with guests.
• Ability to lift 50 lbs. repetitively while twisting and turning.
• Honest, mature, well-mannered individuals only need to apply


Daily appearance should be as follows:

• Cowboy hat
• Western style, collared, button shirts (short sleeves optional, no sleeveless or tank tops)
• Jeans (no holes or rips)
• Cowboy boots (lacers, pull-ons etc.) with little or no tread
• Sharp pocketknife preferably operable single-handedly

Due to the nature of your job, it is understood that you will have a certain amount of dirt, etc. on your clothing, however you should present yourself with an overall appearance of professionalism which includes a tidy appearance. For male wranglers this includes shaving regularly. Facial hair is acceptable if it is kept and tidy. Large rips, stains, etc. in your clothing is not appropriate. You should be wearing all the above items any time guests are present. Please refrain from smoking or dipping while working.

Examples of unacceptable attire:

Low-rise pants, baggy pants or pants with large holes
Tank-tops, t-shirts, mid-rift baring shirts, shirts that cannot be tucked in
Steel-toed anything, sneakers, work boots, hiking boots etc.
Ball caps, visors, etc
Unnaturally dyed hair


Daily salary plus gratuities
Paid on Friday for week prior of Monday to Sunday (Direct Deposit on Friday)
Looking for 3 days + for right person (weekends are required - schedule based on business demands)
Discounted food for wrangler at Lodge (wrangler only)
Contact Information

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