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News Release: 11/17/2023

Davis Whole Family Health Bethany Davis, MD
Flagstaff, AZ

In response to the nationwide shortage of primary and family care providers, a challenge acutely felt in northern Arizona, Dr. Bethany Davis, a dedicated Flagstaff resident, announces the opening of Davis Whole Family Health. This new primary care practice is set to transform healthcare delivery in the region by offering compassionate, personalized care that prioritizes patient-provider relationships.

Dr. Davis, leveraging her deep-rooted connection to Flagstaff and northern Arizona, brings a fresh perspective to primary care. "At Davis Whole Family Health, we're redefining patient care. Our approach is built on the belief that quality healthcare stems from meaningful patient-provider interactions," Dr. Davis explains. "We're moving away from the high-pressure environment that has become all too common in primary care. Our focus is on spending ample time with each patient, allowing us to develop comprehensive, personalized care plans."

The practice, staffed by Dr. Davis and two experienced nurse practitioners, is committed to a patient-centered philosophy. This approach not only aids in early detection and prevention of health issues but also supports patients in maintaining their overall health. "Our mission is to be there for our patients, to listen and understand their health goals and challenges. It's about building trust and a connection that goes beyond the traditional patient-doctor relationship," adds Dr. Davis.

Addressing the need for accessibility and flexibility in healthcare, Davis Whole Family Health adopts a subscription-based model. This innovative approach, combined with accepting a variety of health insurances, ensures that quality healthcare is accessible to a broader segment of the community.

Dr. Davis shares her enthusiasm: "Flagstaff is more than just a place I live; it's a community I'm a part of. I'm thrilled to contribute to the wellbeing of our community in a meaningful way. By fostering a healthcare environment that prevents professional burnout, I look forward to serving the people of Flagstaff and northern Arizona for years to come."

Located on N. Fourth Street, Flagstaff, Arizona, Davis Whole Family Health is open five days a week and welcomes new patients. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (929) 233-8801 or visit

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