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The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona Foundation for Community & Health Advancement Now Accepting Grant Applications

The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona Foundation for Community & Health Advancement (the Foundation) announces its first Impact Grant cycle of the year for organizations addressing Arizona’s most critical health challenges: mental health, substance use disorder, chronic health conditions, and health equity. 
“Last year was a monumental year for our grantees, with 125 community partners receiving funding to improve lives across our state,” said Dr. Christine Bracamonte Wiggs, President and Board Chair of the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona Foundation for Community & Health Advancement. “We hope to help make an even greater impact this year and look forward to receiving our first round of applications for 2024.” 
The Foundation is accepting applications starting Feb. 1 and continuing until Feb. 29. Funding priority is given to proposals that expand publicly available resources, are scalable (or have the potential to increase systems-level capacity) and have a measurable impact. The grant term is one year, with a funding date of May 31, 2024. All organizations seeking Foundation funding must have an active grantee account with Arizona Community Foundation. 
The Foundation aims to mobilize, uplift, and advance the health of communities statewide by focusing on Arizona’s key health challenges. In 2023, the Foundation awarded $3.1 million to 125 community partners across all 15 AZ counties. To learn more about the Foundation and this grant opportunity, visit:   
The Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Arizona Foundation for Community & Health Advancement invests in the health of Arizona by tackling mental health, substance use
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