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Chocolita Chocolate Cafe

Chocolita Chocolate Cafe

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About Us

Chocolita provides unique, delectable botanical flavored chocolate bars and truffles to health-conscious individuals who care about organic, fair-trade and want a plant-based, low-glycemic chocolate.

We combine chocolate and adaptogens in delectable flavors that will have your mouth watering and your taste buds piqued.

Our founder, Sarah Ann Lesslie's mother has diabetes and Sarah decided she wanted to make a chocolate she could share with her mother and other people who have sugar sensitivities. Let's be honest, sugar can be super addicting and white sugar isn't really the greatest for anyone, right? Also, sugar alcohols are white powders created in a lab. Scary!

That's why we're on the coconut sugar kick.

Natural, tasty, and weighs in at 33-35 on the glycemic index.

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