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Electric Torque Machines, Inc.

Electric Torque Machines, Inc.


About Us

ETM Motors, the biggest advancement in electric motors in decades.

Electric Torque Machines, Inc. (ETM) designs, develops and manufactures a unique class of electric motors based on direct drive technology. We’re driven by the fact that 40% of the world’s electricity generated today is used solely to power electric motors. We are making a positive impact on the world by delivering the most affordable, efficient drive solutions for a broad variety of applications.

We are a unique team of motor and drive solution innovators that thrive in a fast-paced culture with a constant rhythm of new idea generation in combination with the rapid delivery of game-changing motor/drive solutions to our customers. The industry leading performance of our motor solutions is a direct reflection of our competitive nature. We are creating cutting edge direct drive motor solutions, we don’t settle for status quo or average. We dedicate a large percentage of our time to pushing new performance frontiers and inventing cool stuff – for all types of applications that benefit from motor or drive solutions that are lower cost, more efficient, smaller and lighter.

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