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IML Containers Arizona

IML Containers Arizona

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About Us

Our core competence at IML Containers is to deliver the most integrated In-Mold Labeling process solution to support your business goal and enrich your brand message to the market. We own our printing plants, R&D lab, on-site engineer and technician, machinery, and warehouses. You will always be able to talk to your project executives and client services.

1. Unique die cutting labels
We can produce wrap-around labels and 3 face or 5 face labels to fit with your container –no matter how uniquely sized it is. We have excellent decorating options. Graphics can be placed for maximum point of sale efficiencies.

2. Shelf and freight efficiencies
IML Containers is not limited to round or any other inefficient space wasting designs. Space optimization results efficiencies on the shelf, in warehouse, and on freight. Our packaging designs are stackable, so shipping is more efficient. Our thin wall packaging are also light-weight based on customer’s design request – for more freight savings.

3. Unique stock shapes and designs
IML Containers offers the most stock shapes available for in-mold labeling in the market. Our shapes range from ovals, freezable ovals, rounds, and squares, to sqround, rectangles, split-cups, and mini-cups, some of which can be fitted with tamper evident or non-tamper evident lids. We also provide built-in spoon on select lid which enables consumers to enjoy the product anytime, anywhere.

4. Prototypes/custom design
IML Containers will bring your ideas to reality with our dynamic in-house designers, engineers and production professionals.

5. EVOH – Shelf Life preservation
Our in mold packaging has an ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) barrier for improved shelf life preservation. The EVOH barrier minimizes transmission of oxygen into the container and will extend shelf life, depending on the product.

6. Photographic image printing on labels
In Mold Labeling decoration does not limit your corporate artwork to only four PMS colors. Our printing capability allows high resolution in graphical printing to achieve the intensity of eight PMS color-like result. We are one of the industry leaders in print quality on IML film.

7. Multi-material manufacturer
Plastic, wood, paperboard. Lacroix packaging’s thermoformed and thermoglued wooden trays offer the possibility to pack your product inside natural packaging. IML Containers offers unique labeling options such as wood burning, typography, wood tinting, and hot stamping.

8. Thin wall weight
IML Containers are molded thinner and lighter than thermoformed packaging under certain conditions. Our containers are injected so thinly and precisely that IML containers can be more than 1 gram lighter than comparable thermoformed packaging. Less weight equals less cost, as well as savings on shipping. Also less material is greener – good for the environment.

9. Sustainability
We take our commitment to the environment seriously. All of our containers, including the labeling, are mono-material, 100% recyclable. IML Container also has an internal ecosystem to reuse and recycle energy and production waste. In addition, IML Containers has 20 production facilities around the world which maximizes the shipping efficiency, further reducing the carbon footprint.

10. North American label and molding plants
IML Containers has two plants dedicated to North American label production. No need for overseas lead time or for additional shipping expenses with labels coming from Europe. IML also has multiple molding plants across the North America. We are closer to your food processing facility than you may think.

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