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About Us

Kopa Home Services is committed to providing professional and quality cleaning and maintenance services to our property management, commercial and residential clients. We pride ourselves on having respect for your home, business and health. We are continuing to provide our services, focusing on those with the highest need. Many of our clients rely on us to keep their homes and businesses clean, disinfected and sanitary. We understand that some home repairs are urgent in nature to prevent additional and costly damage. We will be taking the following precautions on all of our maintenance and cleaning assignments.

Our maintenance technicians will arrive at every job wearing new, clean, single use gloves and booties. We will be sanitizing all of our tools before and after every job. We will also thoroughly clean and sanitize the area that we have worked in each home or business.

All of our cleaners and techs have taken an exposure questionnaire to ensure that they haven’t had exposure to areas or people with confirmed exposure to Covid-19. We have a health screening for all of our cleaners and maintenance techs that they must undergo every morning before beginning their shift. Our employees are provided with sick time and are required to call out if they are feeling ill in any way or are exposed to someone that is ill.

We are practicing safe distancing measures. We will be keeping the recommended 6’ distance and will not be shaking hands. We also have “no contact” procedures in place if necessary. Just ask!

If you need help cleaning or disinfecting your rental home or business or have a maintenance or repair need that can’t wait, give us a call. We can all get through this together!

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