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About Us

Moonshot is an Arizona-based, 22 year-old 501c3 tax-exempt organization whose mission is to help subject matter experts bring products and services to market and help cities develop entrepreneurial eco-systems that create jobs. We believe that the best products aren’t dreamed up by the business class but rather the scientists, engineers, technologists, designers, and dreamers who bear the type of innovation that truly changes the world. And we believe that we can't all be astronauts, but we can all be moonshot-thinking pioneers.

Currently, we have campuses/entrepreneurial programs in the following cities:

Flagstaff, AZ - Incubator & Accelerator Campus for specific industries
-Sustainable business/idea
-Technology sector
-Light Manufacturing
-Bio-tech and/or bio-engineering
-Purpose of job creation in greater Flagstaff

Chandler, AZ - Tech-based Incubator program for the City of Chandler, AZ

Sedona, AZ - Virtual Incubator serving Sedona-based entrepreneurs

Tucson, AZ - Workforce development program for industrial sewing

All of Arizona - Virtual Moonshot Member program
But we're not just serving larger markets—we also work with entrepreneurs in smaller towns across the great state of Arizona. No matter where you hang your hat, we're here to help you bring your moonshot idea to market....and beyond.

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