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Wecom Fiber

Wecom Fiber

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About Us

Profitable growth through superior customer service, innovation, quality, and commitment - This is Wecom today.

Wecom Inc. started as a small telecommunications business in 1958. Over 60 years later, we've maintained the agility and responsiveness of a small company, while providing the best next-generation services.

As a technology-driven company, Wecom believes that continued investment in our network, employees, and services enables us to meet our customers' current and future demands. Our goal is to provide the best solutions and highest quality customer support, bar none.

Let us transform your business' network. Wecom offers 8 major services across 6 industries throughout the Southwestern United States, primarily serving Arizona and Nevada.

Wecom Industries:

- Fiber Optic/Microwave Ethernet and Internet IP Networks
- Tower Construction
- Tower Site Leasing
- Cellular and LTE Construction Services
- Two-Way Radio and Radio Dispatch
- TV Translator and Public Broadcast

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