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Fountainhead Equity Partners

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3219 E Camelback Road
Suite 819
Phoenix, az 85018
(602) 468-3900
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    Fountainhead Equity Partners, L.L.C. was founded in 1996 to identify opportunity and relationship driven investments with the following characteristics and philosophy:

    >>Mitigate risk through experience and marketing expertise.
    >>Underwrite conservatively utilizing low leverage.
    >>Always invest our own capital.
    >>Investment size of up to $25 million to compete with private money, not institutions.
    >>Avoid bids through relationships and direct origination.
    >>Target returns commensurate with risk.

    Fountainhead Equity Partners is owned by Art Cunningham, a Phoenix native with over 25 years experience in hotel, office and land investment and development. Following the above philosophy, Fountainhead has successfully invested in and/or developed thirty-four properties. Fountainhead's major strengths are the ability to recognize opportunity, analyze and then act expeditiously. In most cases Fountainhead’s competitive advantage is the ability to add value through relationships, marketing expertise and entitlement experience. Fountainhead has developed office buildings and procured tenants, entitled land, developed and sold bulk land, as well as marketed and sold retail, residential and commercial lots.

    As investments become more difficult to find with high returns that do not require unreasonable risk, Fountainhead Equity Partners will continue its original philosophy of pursuing value-added properties and, through our experience, will mitigate risk. As with the majority of our investments we will continue to utilize relationships and work toward direct origination.