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High Style

High Style

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About Us

High Style is a locally owned upcycled denim boutique . We source 90% of our inventory locally. Our mission is to focus on slow fashion, sustainable consumerism and bringing education and awareness to fast fashion.

We focus on pre-2000 made denim textiles . Known for upcycling vintage overalls, denim Levi’s, flannels and more. Creating one-of-a-kind gems and bringing pieces back to life through mending.

We are well known for amazing copper patina earrings and funky denim style. This locally owned denim boutique is a gem of the community. The vintage denim collection alone will leave you speechless. A must for any vintage or fashion connoisseur. We strive to keep quality gems at affordable price, while creating a sustainable retail store for the local flagstaff community.

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