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Kemper Health - Bob Sorock



About Us

It's NOT the Affordable Care Act (ACA) by Choice!

We provide affordable Health Insurance Plans in Arizona, Nevada and Utah that reward you for being HEALTHY by LOWERING YOUR PREMIUM

Plans are designed for:
- individuals
- families
- small business owners
- self-employed people
- small groups

Does your Health Insurance:
- Have High Premiums?
- Have an Annual Deductible?
- Limit your Choice of Doctors?
- Cover you Throughout the U.S.?
- Cover you when traveling to Foreign Countries?
Yes! You can change all of this!

Have you considered a Health Plan that:
- Rewards you with Lower Premiums for Being Healthy?
- Has NO Annual Deductible?
- Allows Any Doctor / Any Hospital?
- Includes a Large National PPO?
- Covers you when traveling to Foreign Countries?

Additionally, how about a plan that:
- Is NOT managed care (like the ACA)
- Has NO pre-authorizations needed
- Has benefits payable wherever you travel - ANYWHERE in the world
- Is Month-to-Month
- You can change ANYTIME
- Has NO open enrollment limitations

Find out if you're eligible for this plan now - it only takes a few minutes!

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