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About Us

Sage Home is a Family-based Residential Treatment Center that aims to prevent child removal by keeping families together during addiction treatment.

At Sage Home, families can enter addiction treatment with their children remaining on-site with them. Family preservation is crucial in preventing the long-term health consequences of child removal and also acts as a powerful motivator for parents to complete treatment goals focused on recovering from addiction and fostering a safe, healthy, and sustainable family system. During treatment at Sage Home, mothers (and fathers) will receive services to help them recover from drugs and/or alcohol abuse and learn healthy parenting behaviors, find stable housing, receive intensive trauma therapy, secure financial means to provide for their family, and connect their families to vital community support services. Comprehensive treatment goals that keep families intact will help set the stage for true healing that will last across generations. At Sage Home, we believe that with appropriate support, families can heal and recover fully from addiction together without having to endure the wounds left after child removal.

Currently there are no Family-based Residential Treatment facilities in Coconino Country which means the primary way of addressing substance abuse in struggling families is through child removal. Child removal not only interrupts the parent-child bond which has been shown to impact a child’s mental health well into their adult life, but it also impedes the parents ability to make a full recovery because mental health declines dramatically after the removal of a child. Additionally, this option places more pressure on an already overburdened child welfare system that relies on a limited number of foster families located often at great distances from the family receiving treatment. Sage Home will bridge the gap between child removal and addiction treatment, allowing families to heal together.

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