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About Us

The Theara Way program provides tools and strategies for better living at home, at school, and at work for everyone. Theara celebrates the diversity of the human mind. We believe that Neurodiversity holds the key to more effective, equitable, and empowered living for all. Over 20% of the human population is considered Neurodiverse. These individuals possess a naturally occurring neurological variant, like Dyslexia, Autism, ADHD, Dyscalculia, Tourette’s, Giftedness, and more. One thing common to many of these individuals is Sensory Processing Disorder. Neurodiverse individuals simply experience sensory input in a different way. At Theara we believe this divergent perspective offers powerful insight to humanity that will lead to a more enlightened and powerful way of life. As Waymakers, we equip the Neurodiverse Collective with the structured training and essential tools required to successfully navigate the Neurodiverse journey from early childhood to adult living

Theara is the integration of Renee’s passion for education and neurodiversity. Renee brings her mother-heart to the table and offers hope, possibility, and belonging to the neurodiverse. Her desire is to provide a direct and sure path to efficacy, equity, and empowerment for as many as she is able. Renee is sharing her journey, The Theara Way, so you don’t have to walk alone.

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