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Your CBD Store

Your CBD Store

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About Us

Each Retail Store offers a safe, comfortable, and inviting environment where guests can learn about hemp, try samples, and feel empowered to make an informed decision on the best hemp supplement option for them. Find the store location closest to you on GETSUNMED.COM.

The story starts with Rachael. SunFlora Founder Rachael Quinn's quality of life was affected by Crohn's disease, and hemp supplements were the only thing that helped gain her quality of life back. Quinn knew she had to share this experience with others, which led her to open the first store in Bradenton, Florida in 2018. With the stores success, Rachael and her husband Marcus, the company's CEO, founded an innovative product line with the highest quality ingredients under the name SunMed, and the rest is history.

SunMed takes an innovative approach to hemp and hemp products. SunMed focuses on the entire profile of the plant, and develops products in response to the consumer experience.

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